Why are skin peels good in winter?

Scheduling the treatment should be your next major consideration.

The autumn and winter are optimum times for anti ageing treatments such as chemical peel for 3 key reasons.

  1. Less sun exposure- Chemical peel causes a reaction similar to sunburn, this can be exacerbated if you spend too much time in the sun. With less exposure to direct UVrays makes healing process quicker, safer and much more effective.
  2. Winter causes dry skin- Chemical peels get rid of old dead skin cells, speeding up the renewal process on the top layer of the skin, making the skin more receptive to moisturizing skin care products that work to protect and replenish it during winter months.
  3. A autumn /winter chemical peel is an excellent way to remove any dirt, debris, oils and dead skin collected from the summer time.

What are skin peels?

Chemical exfoliation  is a process which uses  products containing various chemical ingredients and acid concentrations eg:- ( AHA, BHA, TCA) that has been proven to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin with great improvement over mechanical exfoliation.

Chemical peel options:-

Light peel –  Rejuvenation, improve complexion, improve shallow scaring

Medium peel – Photo ageing, oily, hyperpigmentation and scaring

Deep peel – Sun damaged skin, wrinkles, scaring


– Avoid UV tuning beds

– Take medication to prevent cold sores if prone to them

– Avoid direct sunlight (Beach)

Benefits of peels

– Restore youthful radiance

– Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles

– Improves skin textures and complexion

– Improves acne scarring

– Sun damaged skin

– Lightens hyperpigmentation


Exfoliate with gentle exfoliator at least 3 times a week

Apply sunscreen and re-apply

Sun exposure after skin peel may lead to hyperpigmentation

Use home care recommended products

Advised to do a course with 6 weeks intervals

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