Your post holiday skin rehab guide

I hope you have had a glorious summer holiday with family and friends. Lazy days by the pool/beach, lots of sugary carby food, late nights and let’s not even begin with all the Gin and Tonics……

Too much sun, chlorine and sun-soaked boozy brunches can lead to long-term consequences on the skin – think hyperpigmentation, fine lines and dryness – so it’s worth doing some damage control to limit the effects.

Alas, it’s time to atone for your skin sins and erase the signs of summer in preparation for the coming season.

Luckily your skin can be quite forgiving if you give it some love after all the festivities. Below is a rough guide on how to fix your skin ailments quickly.

#My skin is more clogged than Kloof Nek road over December

Extra perspiration mixed with all the SPF you have been applying (please tell me you have upped your SPF application), mosquito spray, etc. all helps to clog pores more over summer time. And I’m sure you have been washing your face every night before bed……right?


Salicylic acid helps to deep clean pores removing all the excess sebum and gunk that has collected in your pores. You can switch to a cleanser that has BHA acids like Active Cleanser or Glycolic cleanser to deep cleanse the pores. If you find that a lot of black heads have come up you can treat it with Pore Minimiser or come in for a Microdermabrasion or Deep Cleanse facial.

#My skin is just looking Meh

When dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin it blocks your serums and moisturisers from penetrating the skin, leaving it looking dull and lacking that summer glow.
@exfoliation is key

Use a daily enzyme exfoliater to “eat” away all the dead skin cells. Otherwise increase your weekly exfoliation with granules to 2-3 times a week.

#Where did all these pimples come from?

With all the extra sugary food our insulin levels spike causing more hormonal break outs.

@LED blue light can quickly get rid off break outs if you are in a rush. R200 for a application should sort your skin quickly or R650 for a LED Breakouts be gone Facial. Otherwise incorporate Acne Solutions, Dermabrigt or Vit A into your home routine to get smooth, break out free skin.

#Dark circles and puffy eyes

Late nights, lack off sleep, alcohol can leave the eyes looking tired and puffy
@drink lots of water to flush the system and make sure you catch up on some good ZZZ

Eyeslices are miracle workers when it comes to relieving puffy tired eyes. They can be used up to 10 times and only cost R235. Circlelight enriched with Vit K does wonders on dark circles

#My pigmentation has gone haywire

Unfortunately even with the use of SPF pigmentation can become darker during the warmer months. If you have only noticed dark spots appearing on the skin recently, now is the time to act as it get’s trickier to treat pigmentation the longer it is left untreated.

Melanoderm helps to combat pigmentation flare ups as it suppresses the signal that activates melanin. We then use Skin Lite and treatments such as Dermapen, Peels, Laser or Microdermabrasion to target and lighten pigmentation.

If you would like advise on effective treatment for your skin, please come in for a free consultation and we can help you by formulating a treatment designed for your skin condition.

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