Everything you need to know about Laser Hair Removal/IPL

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Why waste time to shave or wax when you can have easy, quick and affordable permanent hair removal. Every day I see clients after a course of hair removal exclaiming “why didn’t I do this sooner!” And once they start with one area they continue to do the whole body. I keep asking myself, why is everyone not doing Laser hair removal?

I think most people still think it’s very expensive & very painful, which is definitely not the case.

Below are some honest facts about laser & IPL hair removal.

It’s not for everyone, for darker skin types the result is not as effective or they might need more sessions.

It does not work on grey, white, red, blonde or mousy brown hair.

It does not remove 100% of hair. Expect 90% hair removal.

Facial hair needs more sessions as it gets stimulated by hormonal changes in the body.

It is a little bit sensitive in areas that have more nerve endings, ie bikini, upper lip and underarm, but still less sore than waxing & over very quickly.

On average you will need 6-10 sessions done 6 weeks apart.

Risk / Side effects / Aftercare.

Expect mild redness, slight swelling around follicles and a slight warm feeling. Generally the same as after a wax.

In more severe cases there might be burning, irritation & slight scabbing.

Absolutely no sun exposure is allowed on the area for at least 4 days after treatment as pigmentation can result.

If burning does occur, put cold cloth or ice on the area till sensation subsides.

Before Treatment

Absolutely no sun allowed for 4 days before treatment & no self-tanner. Skin should be as light as possible.

Shave one or two days before your treatment.

No waxing or plucking for at least 4 weeks before treatments.

Please let us know if you are using Roaccutane or Antibiotics as these make the skin more sensitive and we will not be able to commence treatment while on these medicines.

Getting rid of hair will be the best present you will ever give yourself. Will save you time and make your life a lot more care free. We do offer free consultations.


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