Mascne- and other skin conditions from your face mask

Mascne- and other skin conditions from your face mask

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the way our lives have been turned upside down due to Covid 19, but we have to adapt to our “new normal”.

With wearing a facial mask to protect us from airborne pathogens a new problem has arisen- skin breakouts…

Pimples and Congestion from Face Mask

With every breath there is a combination of hot, humid air and microbes inside your mask. Add the extra pressure and mechanical friction and you have a perfect environment for skin break outs.

How to get rid off Pimples and Congestion from Face Masks.

There is 2 ways- by changing your skincare routine as well as mask care.

Changes to your treatment will depend on 2 factors 1- is your skin more oily 2- is your skin red and sensitive.

Option 1

If your skin is oilier you need to introduce AHA and BHA acids to the skin

You can do this by changing your cleanser to one that has Salicylic or Mandelic Acid in (Active and Mandalic Cleanser)

Ensure that there are no build up of dead skin to plug the pores by exfoliating regularly. An Enzyme Exfoliator (Dermapolish) is perfect as it will not cause sensitivity on your compromised skin.

Introduce an at home peel (Dermabright) to prevent breakouts and make the marks disappear faster, or Acne Solutions to get rid of hormonal acne fast.

Spray your skin with Colloidal Silver Toner to heal, kill bacteria and microbes and sooth the skin at the same time.

Option 2

If your skin is red and sensitive you need to repair a compromised broken barrier

Change your cleanser to a Gentle Cleanser that will not strip your skins barrier. This will cause dehydration and an overproduction of oil underneath the skin.

Introduce a moisturising serum like Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the area.

A physical sensitive barrier will instantly sooth the area and protect your skin from mask friction. Try a Barrier Repair (Dermal Repair).

Spray your skin with Colloidal Silver Toner to heal, kill bacteria and microbes and sooth the skin at the same time.

Mask Care:

The cleaner your mask is the less chance you will have of break outs.

Make sure you have 2 or more masks to be able to alternate them for cleaning purposes.

Make sure that your mask is washable or that your regularly replace your disposable masks.

Wash your mask in soapy water. I find using detergent for baby clothes are the best as there is no build up on the mask or ingredients that can cause contact sensitivity.

Make sure to let your mask dry in a nice sunny area. Full sun is the best.

Spray your mask regularly with Colloidal Silver to keep it free from pathogens.

In Clinic Treatment for Mask Break outs.

Regularly coming in for your week facial will be a great way to look after your skin.

If you are experiencing break outs a Microdermabrasion and Deep Cleanse Facial should be your go to treatments. You can also come in for a weekly LED Blue or Purple Light treatment to quickly banish break outs.

For redness and sensitivity you should opt for calming and barrier strengthening treatments such as a LED facial or Hydralift.

Call us for a free consultation to assess your skin needs and help you towards happy, healthy glowing skin.